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Best Photography Tips for the Red City of Marrakech

Marrakech’s rich colors have beckoned countless painters in the past. Now, it is slowly becoming the top destination for photographers, especially with the arrival of its new museum. This is the only city in Morocco that has an art avenue, the Galerie 127. The city recently hosted an opening by photographer Steve McCurry at Gallery David Bloch.

The Marrakech Museum for Photography and Visual Arts or MMP+ will open in a few years. It will be considered as the largest space in the world for photography and other digital visual media. Soon, this city will become the next photography hub of the world. However, it is still not easy to take photos here because Moroccans will make it known if they don’t want their picture taken – and most of them don’t’. One more thing, don’t ever take photos of government buildings because it is forbidden and you can get arrested for it.


Here are some important facts to consider if you are photographer planning to take on Marrakech:

Small gadgets are better. To avoid spooking potential subjects, it is best that you bring smaller gadgets. If you have big professional cameras with a backpack full of photography equipments, the Moroccans may shy away from you, or worse, confront you.

Be brave. You can muster your courage and go talk to the locals and ask permission. Tell that person that you are taking pictures for artistic purposes and not for journalism.

Do it in stealth. If you are not confrontational, you can take the photo in stealth to grab the right moment. If you get spotted, be polite, apologize and smile.

The light is your friend. The weather in Marrakech is one of its best features. When the sun is in its zenith in the Red City, go to the old medina alley ways and get the perfect images.


Here are the best spots to take photos in Marrakech:
• Le Grand Balcon Café
• Palmeraie Circuit
• The old medina
• Place of the Seven Saints

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