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Best Recent Heritage Hotels in Southeast Asia

There are a handful of historical hotels in Southeast Asia built a hundred years ago that still cater to people today. These hotels have beckoned countless globetrotters after the Suez Canal opened way back 1869.

Recently, hotel developers revamped these historical sites into luxury accommodations for tourists who want to experience the classics in this side of the world.

Here are Southeast Asia’s top new heritage hotels:

  • Capella Singapore. This is composed of two colonial manors that were built in the 1880s for British Royal Artillery Officers in Sentosa Island. One of the buildings Lord Norman Foster has ordered for restoration serves as the 111-room hotel, while the other structures are part of the The Club at Capella.140729101533-2-southeast-asia-converted-hotels-horizontal-gallery
  • The Siam in Bangkok, Thailand. This structure dates back over 150 years ago as socialite Connie Mingskau’s abode. This hotel is made up four teak structures, with three of them as Thai restaurant Chon, while the other is the suite.140729113627-6-southeast-asia-converted-hotels-horizontal-gallery
  • Amantaka in Luang Prabang, Laos. This hotel was built during the 20th century’s first decade as a provincial hospital. In 2005, the hospital structures were moved and the Amans Resort acquired the place. Ten of those structures are protected by UNESCO World Heritage laws, while the rest was transformed into 24 luxury suites.140729103145-3-southeast-asia-converted-hotels-horizontal-gallery
  • Belmond Governor’s Residence in Yangon, Myanmar. This was built back in the 1920s as the house of Myanmar’s southern states British governors. Here you can experience the Orwellian “Burmese Days veranda and armchair. Enjoy the swimming pool in this luxury hotel to cool off the humidity of the location.140729132340-4-replacement-southeast-asia-governor-residence-horizontal-gallery
  • Carcosa Seri Negara in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This was built in the last parts of the 1800s as a residence of the British High Commissioners. This is located in the historic Lake Garden of the city. This became the Hamapese Army Officer’s mess in 1941. It was eventually given back to the Malaysian government. Stay in this luxury suites and experience the incredible garden views.140729112157-5-southeast-asia-converted-hotels-vertical-gallery

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