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Best Tips When Visiting Milan

140401090837-things-to-know-milan-horizontal-gallery You might want to go to Milan because you think this Italian city is all about finance and, of course, fashion. But if you know where to go, you can find that Milan is filled with subterranean secrets, luscious gastronomy, solitude and even some things that are quite un-Italian.

140401084057-things-to-know-about-milan-3-horizontal-gallery • Romans may say that the best features of Milan are roads back to Rome. But Milan is actually a place where you can party and have the time of your life.

• Since Milan is in the northern part of Italy, its cuisine does not have that Mediterranean theme. If you want to taste that northern delicacy, make sure you arrive on time, because some of the restaurants in Milan does not serve after 1:30 pm or 8:30 pm.

• Milan does not have that usual Italian espresso; they offer their coffee long with more water. This way, you can continue to eat those incredible cakes and pastries in Milan.

• Experience some of the world’s bar snacks, laid back lounges, and wild cocktails. Try the Apreol, the Negroni Sbagliato, and other cocktails in bars like Basso Bar, Armani Bamboo Bar, and Pavé.

• Experience the experimental foods that the tinkering Milanese is famous for. Go to Bianca’s, Cinc’s and Don Carlos.

140401083913-things-to-know-about-milan-2-horizontal-gallery• Milan is filled with Roman and Spanish heritage, which you can experience beneath the Duomo cathedral, which has a labyrinth of maze with countless underground galleries that date way back since the 4th century. Other wonderful galleries and historical landmarks are the Sforza Castle, Piazza Vetra, Cenacolo Vinciano and more.

140401084336-things-to-know-about-milan-4-horizontal-gallery • IF you want to experience the center of party and style in Milan head to the network of canals called the Navigli. Some of the best places here are Eppor, Quadrilatero del Silenzio, and Milano Guida.

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