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Britain Visitor Centers Perfect For Kids This Summer

Other than the Royal Family, Britain has a lot more to offer for the locals and the tourists alike. The UK has travel destinations ideal for kids and kids at heart too. These places are all rich in history and have cultural significance guaranteed to be both entertaining and educational for the entire family.

The places mentioned here all have summer 2014 events that are absolutely family-friendly.

1. The King Richard III Visitor Centre, Leicester. This place contains the 3D printout of the remains of King Richard III, who died very violently in the Battle of the Bosworth in 1485. Just last week, the place was opened for public viewing where the visitors enjoy rich history telling such as the Wars of the Roses and some significant facts where King Richard III erred when he charged Henry Tudor.There are paintings and portraits, and a cafe where the family can rest after much brain pumping and long

2. York Castle Museum, Yorkshire. This historically significant British landmark, now a museum, will host a First World War activities for young guests. Its exhibition named 1914: When the World Changed Forever, will let children experience what combat soldiers experience such as decoding messages that use Morse codes, do some fancy drill lessons, learn about the diet of the soldiers, and even undergo recruitment. uk-history_2983694b

3. Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-on-Sea. Come August, the Royal Shakespeare Company will provide free entertainment for its guests. That means, no admission fee. If you want your kids to familiarize Shakespeare’s works, better let them have a tour on this place.fc3fba4c-f716-11df-8feb-00144feab49a.img

4. Victoria Nursery at Audley End, Essex. If you want your kids to play with dolls, some toys, and imagine the lives of the 1830s nannies and their difficult charges, you may visit this place. p788804344-5

5. Bannockburn Visitor Centre, Stirling. If you fancy medieval warfare, you can visit this place where Scotland’s Wars of Independence was recreated. Flying arrows and cavalry charges are assembled with technological sophistication to give its visitors an authentic-like experience. bannockburn-visitor-centre-stirling-a150314-aw11

Honorable mentions:

  • Middleport Pottery, Stroke-on-Trent.
  • Sandham Memorial Chapel, Hampshire.
  • Glamping at Warwick Castle, Warwickshire. 

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