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Caribbean Here I Come!


Are you planning a trip to Caribbean? If your answer is a yes then there’s some awesome good news for you by the Trip Advisor! Our trip advisor has listed down 20 excellent Caribbean islands destinations for you to make a wise choice.

Our trip advisor has also gone a step forward for you by analyzing the price for a one week trip (for four people) to each of these destinations. Here’s the list and along with it the estimated cost one would have to bear which is actually quite reasonable.

  • Puerto Rico, $4,609
  • Jamaica, $4,631
  • Trinidad and Tobago, $4,771
  • Dominican Republic , $5,315
  • St Maarten-St Martin, $5,566
  • Bahamas, $5,815
  • Curacao, $5,833
  • Bermuda, $6,064
  • Aruba, $6,260
  • Grenada, $6,622

Hope you plan a trip to one of the above super exciting islands!

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