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Countries You Can Really Enjoy Because of Minimal Tourists

Just last week, France was recognized as the most visited country on Earth. If you want to go on vacation, but you don’t want to join the hordes of tourists scrambling for space in a certain country’s landmark, there are wonderful alternatives you can consider.

Here are the least visited countries in the world:

  • Guyana. This is usually categorized as a Caribbean country, but it is actually part of South America, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization. Enjoy its virgin rainforests and experience Georgetown, its capital.Least-Georgetown_3009770k
  • Canada. Yes, it is a popular country. The other countries in North America are Mexico and the United States and they enjoy millions of tourists every year. Canada just seems to be the least visited country in North America. skywalk2-858_2897925k
  • Iceland. Iceland. This is a far-flung land in Northern Europe, but its Northern Lights are its leading attraction to its small number of tourists, which are usually from Britain.iceland_2334790k
  • Liechtenstein. In Western Europe, there is a very small but very rich country that doesn’t need many tourists at all. If you want a peaceful uncrowned place to visit, go here.Least-Liechtenstei_3009769k
  • Republic of Moldova. In Central and Eastern Europe, Tony Hawks landlocked nation in his book have minimum visitors.Least-Moldova_3009768k

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