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Enjoying The Most Visited Cities In The World

After tourists experience the vibrant nightlife, top-ranking restaurants, and iconic landmarks of a certain city, some of them end up wanting to stay longer in that place.

But there are challenges that you have to overcome if you plan to stay in some of the world’s top visited cities.

Here are some tips on how to really enjoy the most visited cities in the world:

  • London. Try Covent Garden and East London’s Brick Lane though, even if they are filled with tourists. To really avoid the hordes of tourists, try Richmond, the Steins beer house, and the Gaucho restaurant.p024vs9t
  • Bangkok. Despite the government shutdown back in 2013, this city still rakes in millions of visitors. During the rainy season, not many tourists visit, but the place is still enjoyable in the morning when it is not yet raining.p024vrv0
  • Paris. Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, and Notre Dame are the major places tourists flock. You can still enjoy the beautiful French capital even if you avoid these places.p024vrlg
  • Singapore. Not only tourists, but locals also make the shopping in this city busy. So avoid the mainstream shopping centers.p024vqcw
  • Dubai. The world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall are very busy in the evening and in the afternoon. So, avoid these places during those times. Try the Safa Park 6km southwest from downtown instead.p024vqm5

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