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Incredible Attractions In Marrakech You Gotta Check Out

Marrakech is famous for its lively central square and the Koutoubia mosque or Jemaa el Fna. But beyond these popular tourist destinations, there is much to enjoy and discover in Morocco’s major city.

  1. The Backstreets. Go to the old medina and experience a pleasurable adventure, while spending money on a lot of incredible boutiques selling one of a kind souvenir items. Try especially the La Porte d’Or.140704104634-marrakech-lamp-bazaar-horizontal-gallery
  2. Jardin Majorelle. This place gives you the peaceful atmosphere brought by a garden while experiencing high couture from French painters and designers who helped established the place.140704111644-jardin-majorelle-marrakech-horizontal-gallery
  3. Exotic cuisine. Visit the amazing places of gastronomy in Marrakech, where they offer cooked snails, couscous, tajines, and the popular sheep’s head. Try especially the Tanjia.140704115511-marrakech-old-medina-souk-horizontal-gallery
  4. Have a stranger massage your back. It may sound very awkward, but you can have a complete stranger scrub your back in a public bath called Hammam, which is one of the major traditional activities in this city.
  5. Visit a palace. The 16th century palace El Badi is an amazing place to visit in Marrakech. You can also explore the subterranean labyrinth and rooms as well as the museums in this city. You can also stay at the five-star hotel Mamounia Palace, and feel like a real royalty.140704115509-marrakech-palace-el-badi-horizontal-gallery
  6. Riad relaxation. Riad is a traditional Moroccan house. These houses are a wonderful place to stay and relax at.
  7. Atlas Mountains. If you are fed up with the heat and the dust in the city, you can retreat to the cool Atlas Mountains, which is one of Marrakech’s major attractions.140704123301-marrakech-atlas-mountains-horizontal-gallery
  8. Bab El Khemis. “Khemis” means Thursday. The souk is always open here, but Thursdays are extra special when it comes to getting a bargain.
  9. Hot Air Balloon. Your Marrakech experience can’t be complete without hot air ballooning. It will give you the best view of the incredible Atlas Mountains.140704102420-marrakech-horizontal-gallery
  10. Terres d’Amanar. For the thrill seekers, you can head to Terres d’Amanar, which is just 30 minutes due south of Marrakech. It is a 173-acre land filled with adrenaline pumping activities for adults who still have the child in them.

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