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Major Souvenir Buying Don’ts

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Last Updated: Jan 18, 2016

Buying souvenirs is a necessary part of travelling. However, most people fail to do this activity properly. Instead of having fun shopping for products, they end up stressed out in an obligatory bustle.

Here are some souvenir shopping don’ts that you must remember:

  1. The primordial rule of buying souvenirs is to never ever buy these gifts at the airport.130205115545-15-souvenir-buying-donts-1-horizontal-gallery
  2. Do not buy those plush or inflatable toys or gifts for kids more than three years old.130205115900-15-souvenir-buying-donts-2-horizontal-gallery
  3. Foreign coins and currency seem to be wonderful souvenir items, but the truth is, it only shows how lazy you are for not even putting an effort in buying souvenirs.130205120400-15-souvenir-buying-donts-3-horizontal-gallery
  4. Don’t buy sports caps, visors or jerseys, even those with Beckham and Messi names on it.130205120547-15-souvenir-buying-donts-4-horizontal-gallery
  5. Exotic drinks with cool alcoholic labels are fun to drink in their locality, but not anywhere else.130205120755-15-souvenir-buying-donts-5-horizontal-gallery
  6. Don’t buy that Eiffel Tower miniature, Statues of Liberty and any other landmark models, because they will only end up in the closet or under the bed.130205121228-15-souvenir-buying-donts-7-horizontal-gallery
  7. Don’t buy those key chains, plates or mugs.130205121048-15-souvenir-buying-donts-6-horizontal-gallery
  8. Buying those little bags of salt, whether sea, rock or black, is a bad idea. The era of designer salt is over.130205121423-15-souvenir-buying-donts-8-horizontal-gallery
  9. Don’t get those bottles filled with sands, shells or rocks. It’s so lame.130205121652-15-souvenir-buying-donts-9-horizontal-gallery
  10. Don’t buy those items that need too much effort to build, maintain or understand.130205122152-15-souvenir-buying-donts-10-horizontal-gallery
  11. Don’t buy those “I (Heart)” the country you stayed in or the theme park you visited. Come on. You can do better than that.130205122357-15-souvenir-buying-donts-11-horizontal-gallery
  12. Your loved ones or friends don’t have plenty of time to read the books where you experienced a wonderful exhibit.130205122544-15-souvenir-buying-donts-12-horizontal-gallery
  13. No ethnic clothing. Please!130205122740-15-souvenir-buying-donts-13-horizontal-gallery
  14. Don’t buy items you yourself wouldn’t want to use to decorate your house.130205122913-15-souvenir-buying-donts-14-horizontal-gallery
  15. Those plastic leis are also a bad idea.130205123121-15-souvenir-buying-donts-15-horizontal-gallery

These are the common things that travellers buy as souvenir. So, you might be wondering why you should avoid these items. It is because these souvenirs are rarely used by the people whom you give it to.

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