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Merseyside a Ceremonial County

Located in North West England, Merseyside is a country home to about 1.38 million people. It comprises the metropolitan area located on both banks of the lower sides of the Mersey Estuary and has five metropolitan boroughs including Helens, Wirral, Sefton, Knowsley, and the city of Liverpool. Its name comes from River Mersey and the country was created on April 1, 1974 following the Local Government Act of 1972.

Merseyside has a surface area of 249 square miles (645km2) neighboring Lancashire to the North East, Greater Manchester to the East, and Cheshire to the South and South-West. The Irish Sea is located to the West whereas the North Wales spans across the Dee Estuary. Most of the land use is urban with a mix of high density urban areas, rural, semi-rural and suburbs locations. It has a central business district comprising of Liverpool City Center and also has a polycentric county with five metropolitan districts, each having at least one major town center surrounded by suburbs

Among the fifth most populous conurbation in England is the Liverpool Urban area which dominates the geographic center of the country while the smaller Birkenhead Urban area controls the Wirral Peninsula in the south.

The country had a two-tier system of local government for 12 years since 1974 where the district councils shared power with the Merseyside County Council. However, the county council was eliminated in 1986, making its districts including the metropolitan boroughs the now effectively controlled unitary authority areas.

Nevertheless, the metropolitan county still exists in law and as a geographic frame of reference, with county-wide services being coordinated by authorities and joint boards including Merseytravel (running public transport), Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service and Merseyside Police being in control of law enforcement. As a ceremonial county, Merseyside is governed by a Lord Lieutenant and a High Sherriff. Together with the neighboring borough of Halton they form the Liverpool City Region which uses The Mersey Partnership as a development agency.

From unique attractions, exciting events, and world class sport offerings, Liver becomes one of the most ideal tourist destinations for exploration and visits. Common sites include museums, Fun house, outdoor and indoor Play-Centers.

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