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The National Park Week Starts This Saturday with Free Entry

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Last Updated: Apr 16, 2016

People have different ways of spending their free times; some attend music concerts, others organize parties while those who appreciate nature go hiking or visit the national parks. Starting Saturday, 16th April 2016 all the way to 24th, the adventurous people will be enjoying the free beautiful scenarios of the national parks in the United States. You won’t have to save or sacrifice as usual to get the entry fee. All that is needed is your presence to enjoy the company of the people with the same interest of wildlife as you.

100 Years of Wildlife Service

The national park day is indeed a great celebration. It is a year when the National park service marks the beginning of another 100 years of their service to the wild life. There are over 400 park options that you can choose from. You can either base your choices on cultural, historical or simply natural factors. Every interest is taken into consideration. The secret is visiting as many parks as possible to increase the probability of discovering your real interests in the park. There is nothing as satisfying as finding out what you like most. This national park week is an opportunity for people who have failed to visit the national parks for years due to financial problems to explore the parks. It is also a reward to those people who have always sacrificed their money to appreciate the beautiful creations.

Famous Parks in United States

Channel Islands:
Channel Islands

One of the famous great parks in US is the Channel Islands. It consists of 5 Islands with very beautiful, Natural Ocean environments which its cultural resources has well preserved. There are a number of unique plants and animals that have resulted due to isolation from the common world. I am almost certain that a larger population of people have never been to such a beautiful Islands. The national park week is the chance for you to visit.

Olympic National Park:
Olympic National Park

Olympic National park found in Washington is among the largest parks that is close to impossible to explore the whole of it in one day. It is about a million acres and that should tell you why the conclusion had to be made. It is a park that the natural, cultural and historical features have not been tampered with. The rivers are untamed from the glacier caped peaks. Geographers must have visited places like these to come up with the various descriptions of the physical features that have only been seen by many in imaginations. The resultant features of the wave erosion are clearly visible in the park.

Scotts Bluff National Park:
Scotts Bluff National Park

Scotts Bluff national park is located in Nebraska. It one of the parks that was a landmark to most people in the past ranging from Mormon trails to modern travelers and Native Americans to Emigrants. This park is full of very good history, both paleontological and geological. The mentioned parks are not even half of a quarter of the available national parks. They are just a sample to give a rough idea what to expect. Select your favorite national parks and visit this adventure week and you may change you view on nature and natural features.

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Photographers should really maximize these free days. They have an opportunity of getting as beautiful original pictures of the physical features. They might also meet new creations that have never been discovered especially in Islands where most people rarely visit. It is a chance for them to build their career as well as have fun. People who love history are not also left behind. If they spend the week well, they might discover a lot to add on the history and in addition, get to see what they have been reading in books. Any other person who has been busy in the office may get discover too much beauty around the world apart from only career.



Nature is a gift to humans to enjoy it. You can make a choice to maximize it or ignore it like it does not exist. There are very many things in the parks that you may have never seen in your life. National park week offers an opportunity to every person including those who are less fortune in the society to experience the beauty of nature. This not only benefits you but it is also an expression of appreciation to the National park service. In honor of centennial project, the entry fee to the park has been made free by over 400 national parks. Seeing believes, don’t wait for stories from those who will visit.

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