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  • Travel Ideas

    Hot holiday deals from Samoa to Seminyak

    Are you after an island escape or an epic rail journey across U.S? Consider these 10 hot packages: LUXURYESCAPES.COM This is a 9-day package that costs $1399 down from $3799. You will enjoy 8 nights of 5-star luxury in... Read More

  • World Travel

    People Throws 100 Metric Tons of Tomatoes in La Tomatina Festival

    People literally painted the town red in Buñol, Spain during the La Tomatin festival on August 27. Hordes of people from all over the world flock to this city to experience throwing over-ripe tomatoes in the streets. Some 20,000... Read More

  • Summer Photos

    Travel Ideas

    Tips to get the most out of your summer photos

    Summer provides the best opportunity to capture your memorable moments on camera. There are many ways of getting great summer photos. Here are some of them: Fill the photos with light Some think that using flash while taking photos... Read More

  • World Travel

    Zurich: The Town For Chocoholics

    Tour around the Old Town of Zurich and experience the best chocolates the city has to offer. Paradelpatz’s Sprungli shop is one of the best chocolate makers in town, famous for its little almond meringues called Luxemburgerli. Another incredible... Read More

  • World Travel

    World’s Most Sophisticated Food Festivals

    Food is an important part of a country’s tradition and culture. But there are some food festivals that are either invitingly incredible or downright weird. La Tomatina. The 20,000 people who participate in this food festival hurl more than... Read More

  • Travel: Travel Ideas, Updates and Destinations

    8 Most Entertaining Theme Parks in the World

    A great theme park doesn’t just give you a fun experience; it gives you moments you will never forget for the rest of your life. The rides, the activities, the costumes, and the rest of the features in the... Read More

  • Travel: Travel Ideas, Updates and Destinations

    World’s Best Honeymoon Locations

    From Paris to the tropics, there are countless honeymoon destinations in the world that can give you the most romantic moments in your life. Here are the top honeymoon destinations in the world: Maldives. The orange sunset, turquoise sea,... Read More

  • Travel: Travel Ideas, Updates and Destinations

    Top Reasons To Go On A Family Cruise

    Imagine spending seven days on a beautiful ship with your family hopping from one island to another. This seems to be the ultimate vacation for you and the whole family. But the best part is, you can actually afford... Read More

  • Travel Ideas

    Top 5 Italian Restaurant Chains

    Do you like the Italian dishes? Zesty cheeses, bowls of pasta, hearty sauces, and the like. Italian food is ultimately good comfort food to sate your appetite and that’s why Italian restaurants are popular dining experience that you can’t... Read More

  • Travel: Travel Ideas, Updates and Destinations

    Enjoying The Most Visited Cities In The World

    After tourists experience the vibrant nightlife, top-ranking restaurants, and iconic landmarks of a certain city, some of them end up wanting to stay longer in that place. But there are challenges that you have to overcome if you plan... Read More


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