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Summer Luxury Villas in Spain

Spain didn’t even get the closest chance to win the World Cup this time. Its Royal family is facing the biggest corruption scandal in the century. These are just some of the reasons why the whole world could be discouraged to visit España these days but real travellers only need one reason why it’s still the ultimate summer vacation destination, and that is, it’s breathtaking landscapes.

No postcards could ever justify the beauty that old Spain has to offer. These scenic views come with luxurious villas available for anyone who has money to burn this summer season. These villas are:

  1. Villa Mar Roc. This six bedroom villa is located in Mallorca perched on a cliff where the beautiful waters of the Palma Bay are its backdrop. It has an infinity pool, a Japanese garden, some Balinese day beds, a concierge, a driver, and two chefs. It is available from August to September and can be yours for a week for only £75,000.


  1. Almiral de la Font. This 11-bedroom villa in Barcelona is surrounded by vineyards and plenty of fruit trees that can bring out inspiration even for the most hardly inspired artist. It has a sun terrace and has two pools designed to hold a lot of people for summer soirees. You and your friends can also enjoy the services of maids and masseuse, chauffeur, and even a baby sitter. You can enjoy the villa for a week in the months of July or August for only £6,600.


  1. Villa Canderson. Also in Mallorca, this villa can accommodate 12 guests who appreciate minimalist interior designing. However, it’s most perfect for honeymooners because of its large master bedroom that runs the entire length of the very spacious property. Its outdoor terrace can lead you straight to the beach. If you don’t feel dipping into the ocean, you can also enjoy its crescent shaped infinity pool. This property can be yours for a week in August for only £18,660.


  1. Palacio de Tenorio. If you want to be in the center of the busy activities of Spain and be cradled by the nation’s rich history, this villa would be very ideal as it was once a part of Seville’s royal palace. It’s a 9-bedroom property that can be yours and your family for a week for only £9,500 a week.


Other honourable mentions include the following:

  • Villa del Mar for £23,723 a day.


  • Port de Soller in Mallorca for £5.631 a week.


  • Casa Luz in Vejer de la Frontera, Andalucia for only $2,965 a week.


  • Castell de Manresa in Mallorca can be yours for only £80,000 a week.



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