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Taking The Cheesiest Eurotrip

The science of creating cheese is the same for every kind, which includes milk, enzymes, and some rennet. But what truly makes the artisan cheese broadly different from each other is the land. The soil and the climate affect the animals and the food they eat, which gives their milk a distinct taste from each other. This ultimately provides the unique taste for each various artisan cheese. Artisan cheeses are cheese made by hands as manufacturers follow the traditional processes of making cheese.Summer-Lodge-2-Eng_2992325c

Where else can you find the best artisan cheese in the world but Europe?

Here are the places in Europe and the type of cheese they offer:

  1. Alp-Bergkäse of Austria – Also known as “Mountain Cheese” and is made only during the summer.
  2. Fromage de Herve of Belgium – This is the only Protected Destination of Origin cheese of Belgium.
  3. Tcherni Vit “Green Cheese” of Bulgaria – Its nickname is taken from a mould.
  4. Paški Sir (Pag Cheese) or Croatia – The sea salt that goes to the pasture gives a saline flavour to its cheese.
  5. Blue Vinny of England – Made in the rural southwest of England.
  6. Valencay of France – The French has the best soft goat’s milk.
  7. Bavarian Blue of Germany – Nicknamed “Mountain Roquefort.”
  8. Feta of Greece – From sheep or goats milk, this is aged for two months before put on sale.
  9. Milleens of Ireland – Washed-rind cheeses from the County Cork.
  10. Parmigiano Reggaino of Italy – This cheese takes 12 months of aging, and it tastes even better if aged for 3 years.

Here are other honorable mentions:

  • Beemster of Netherlands
  • Geitost of Norway
  • São Jorge of Portugal
  • Isle of Mull of Scotland
  • Queso de la Serena of Spain
  • Almnäs Tegel of Sweden
  • Emmentaler of Switzerland
  • Caerphilly of Wales

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