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The 5 World’s Scariest Stairs You Need To Visit

If you are acrophobic better keep off these stairs, if you aren’t, they will provide you with a very amazing experience and a spectacular view of the world below.

They require the heart of steel, though. And when you follow them to the end, you will be entitled to brag about this not-so-mean achievement.

Angkor Watt Temple Stairs (Cambodia)


This looks scary. To get to the top, you will have to bow down on your knees or use the provided ropes to pull yourself. Guides will tell you that the steps were made so steep to remind people of how heavens are hard to reach. It would be more scary to imagine what would happen if you start tumbling down from the top.

The Verru¨ckt, Kansas City, KS


You will require guts just to reach the starting point of this world’s fastest and tallest water slide. There are up to 264 steps that snake up in 25 turns that are supposed to take you to the top which is 168 feet high.

Pailon del Diablo (Ecuador)


This beautiful scenery blends in with the tropical landscape. The steps are made of smooth pebbles. So you have to be careful because they are slippery from the constant mist from the falls. The name translates to “Devils Cauldron” in English.

Flørli Stairs (Norway)


These steps will make you grasp for two reasons; it is the longest staircase in the world made entirely out of wood, and there are 4,444 steps that ascend 2,427 feet from the bottom. Pay close attention to any creaks and cracks you hear as you climb up or down.

Janssen Observatory, France


Here you will get short steps that come with railings. They are placed at the summit of the tallest mountain in the Alps.

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