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The Best Aerial Photography for Dronestagram

A competition for the best aerial shots taken by amateurs with the use of drones from all over the world has finally picked their winners. The Dronestagram Photo Contest is sponsored by National Geographic and Go Pro.

Soaring Eagle. The first prize went to the photo taken by capungaero that shows an image of a soaring eagle’s back with its wings spread as it glides over the Bali Barat National Park of Indonesia. The picture is just majestic and is definitely worthy of the top spot.


People of the Philippines. The second prize goes to the photo taken by jericsaniel with an image of locals gathering in a park at Manila, Philippines. The aerial shot of Filipinos looking up to the drone with their smiling faces is just priceless.


Annecy Sunrise. The third prize winner is a photo taken by Drone-sc with an image of a beautiful sunrise in Annecy, France.


Tamul Waterfall. The first prize for viewers’ “most liked” shot goes to a photo taken by Postandfly with a marvellous image of the Tamul Waterfall located in Mexico.


Sanary-sur-Mer Dock. The second prize for “most liked” goes to a photo of a boat dock at Sanary-sur-Mer, France.


Football Fireworks. The third prize for the “most liked” goes to a photo of a football stadium located in Sofia, Bulgaria as it lights up a spectacle of fireworks.


Honourable mentions in the Dronestagram Contest:

  • An overhead view of a beautiful tomato and pepper field located in Sao Paulo, Brazil


  • An enchanting view of The Lake of Saint –Croix located in Alguines, France


  • An aerial view of the rocky cliffs in Napier, New Zealand


  • An aerial view of the majestic Niagara Falls, New York


  • The beautiful Santa Rita de Cassia Church located in Santa Rita do Passa Quatro, Brazil


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