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The Best Hiking Spots In The Caribbean

The coast’s crystal clear waters and pristine sands are the major features that beckon tourists to the Caribbean. But there are other people who have discovered that the inland hiking trails offer a more exiting adventure.sabo28tr6

The inland rainforest and mysterious mountain ranges in the Caribbean offer wonderful climbing experiences for tourists. The summit can give you a spectacular view of the alluring region.

Here are the best hiking spots in the Caribbean:

Gros Piton in St Lucia. At the west coast of St Lucia, you can come across the steep slopes of Piton’s twin peak. This place is considered a World Heritage Site. At a height of 2,614 ft, this mountain range is the second-highest point in the Caribbean. You can hire trail guides at the Interpretive Centre located in Fond Gens Libre.ian-and-norman-on-gros-piton

Mt Liamuiga in St Kitts. This 3,972ft volcanic mountain crowns an incredible rainforest. Your two-hour climb starts by the Newton Ground. You have to go through wonderful forests with ficus and mango trees, until you reach the half-mile wide crater of the volcano. 700 feet below the crater, you will see a lost world of lush

Mt. Scenery in Saba. This is where you will find the world’s shortest commercial airport runway. This steep sloped mountain gives you a one of a kind hiking and diving experience. This mountain rises to 2,877 feet.mtscenery-saba_2988624c

Morne Diablotin in Dominica. The 115-mile Waitukubuli National Trail is best for people who love to hike. You will be walking on a wonderfully built winding wooden staircase in the first half of the climb.Morne Diabotlin

Nevis Peak in Nevis. This place is considered as the queen of Caribbean mountains. It is a volcano covered in green lush forest. It has a perfect shape and its peak reaches up to 3,232 feet.Nevis(H)-bd3c5953-bdd0-4377-a88c-c7369980dbf2-0-605x412

La SoufriEre in St Vincent. This 4,049 feet mammoth volcano is best for people who love to walk with danger and test their limits.nearly20topvolcano

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