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The Coolest Bookstores All Around The World

There may come a time where kids would think bookstores are as extinct as the dinosaurs and the blame is not on them for that. But now is not the time. More and more bookstores have perished since the dawn of the Internet, yes.

However, there are bookstores that still remained stronger than the hard bounds because they have survived their apocalypse. For their epic survival, more and more new bookstores have emerged, inspired.  These bookstores, the newcomers and the survivors, have all adapted the Age of Amazon to stay alive. Like Internet cafes, bookstores remain open for 24 hours. Some have even invested on unique renovations just to invite people in. To be more outstanding, some of these bookstores sell book copies that are not available on Amazon.

What you will see below is a list of bookstores that people have come to love from generations to the next. These bookstores served to be sanctuaries to the lonely and the lost, as historic sites to the mentally starved, and the salons of culture to the illiterate.

These are the coolest bookstores all around the world you must visit.

1. Shakespeare and Company (Paris, France). This bookstore has been around since 1951.  It is known to welcome writers to stay a night to a month, which really adds to its charm.140722120017-coolest-bookstores-14-shakespeare-entry-horizontal-gallery

2.  Eslite Dunnan Store (Taipei, Taiwan). Since 1999, this bookstore has been delighting the locals because it keeps open even after the city lights have closed. It’s a 24-hour bookstore that made its name by stocking an array of multi-language books and magazines. 140724000141-coolest-bookstores-eslite-dunnan-horizontal-gallery

3. El Ateneo (Buenos Aires, Argentina). It’s a vast and photogenic bookstore that retained the classic grandiose of the century-old decor and ornate architecture of the 1929 cinema, which is its former self. 140722113109-coolest-bookstores-10-library-el-ateneo-circular-roof-horizontal-gallery

4. Librairie Avant-Garde (Nanjing, China). It’s China’s most beautiful bookstore and is located inside an underground parking lot – a very large parking lot that was once used as a bomb shelter.  this bookstore also serves as a public library that can sit 300 guests. 130828134135-nanjing-book-shop-15-horizontal-gallery

5. Assouline Venezia (Venice Italy). This bookstore/study has beautiful interior designs and is located on Bauer Hotel’s ground floor , which is an 18th century palazzo. This bookstore houses an Ultimate Collection, which is a book collection of fashion, architecture, style, and travel that sells from $500- $7,000.140722104231-coolest-bookstore-2-assouline-white-wall-vertical-gallery

Honorable mentions:

  • Livraria Lello (Porto, Portugal).
  • Boekhandel Domincanen (Maastricht, Netherlands).
  • Powell’s City of Books (Portland, Oregon).
  • Books for Cooks (Melbourne, Australia).
  • Strand  (New York).
  • 1200 Bookshop (Guanzhou, China).
  • Foyles flagship (London).
  • John K. King Used & Rare Books (Detroit, Michigan).
  • Stanfords (London).
  • Parnassus Books (Nashville, Tennessee).
  • Cafebreria El Pendulo (Polanco, Mexico City).
  • The Last Bookstore (Los Angeles)

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