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The most affordable cities in the world to live in

Moving to a foreign country might be quite expensive at first because of the travel expenses and other miscellaneous. However, in the long haul, you might be able to save sizable amount of money if you live in a very affordable city.

The Worldwide Cost of Living Index has released its 2014 list, and here are the most affordable cities in the world:

  1. Mumbai, India. This trading post is a melting pot of diverse traders coming from different regions of Asia and Europe. This is the most populated city in the world, and is apparently the cheapest place to live in. This place provides plenty of opportunities for business, fashion and film industry. Public transportations in this city are ten times cheaper compared to its equivalent counterparts in London or New York. You can have a wonderful place to live in for just above $1,000 a month in this city. Mumbai-India-at-night
  2. Kathmandu, Nepal. Just right next to the Himalaya, Mountains, this city provides an outdoor feel. You can have a meal for two with just above $2, while you can stay in a modest place to stay with just above $200 a month rent.Kathmandu
  3. Panama City, Panama. Its mid climate is one of the main features of this Central American country that beckons foreigners. Besides the climate, its affordability is also very attractive. For $2,500 a month, you can already live in a wonderful 85sqm house here. images
  4. Bucharest, Romania. This place used to be called “Little Paris.” Restaurants and nightlife here is very affordable. Housing here is 80% cheaper than London. While its transportation is 90% less that London. bucharest-romania
  5. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Pilgrims of Mecca usually stay here, while others opted to settle. Gasoline here is just $0.15, while housing is just above $1,000 month. Jeddah-skyline

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