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The Real Deal about Hotel Services You Wouldn’t Learn from the Concierge

Hotels are supposed to give you a comfortable and convenient place to stay during your travel. Are you a hundred percent confident about the hygiene, safety and privacy that hotels offer? Even luxury hotels have a share of these undisclosed issues.

Here are some of the dirty little secrets that hotel personnel won’t tell you about:

Cameras in the peephole

p021zdwtPeepholes in your room should have a clear and unobstructed view. If it looks tampered, cloudy or unclear, it could mean there is a camera in the peephole. It lets an outsider look into your room. What you can do is plug a piece of crumpled paper in the peephole to cover any device that may be installed in it. Better yet, check the peephole, if it is tampered upon, change you room.

Coffee Makers and Bathroom Sinks

The coffee makers and bathroom sinks in your hotel room have been used by the previous customers. You do not know what the previous customer did or put in those hotel equipment and amenities. They may have used it as an ashtray, vomited on it, or worse, peed on it. Instead of having your daily morning coffee from the coffee makers, it is better to just go to the café closest to you.

Open your luggage in the bathroom floor

Bedbugs love wood. Don’t open your bags in the wooden rack where people usually open their luggage, it may be infested with bed bugs and they may invade your things. Check the bathroom floor, if it looks clean; open your bags there.

The remote is the dirtiest thing in your hotel room

Customers go straight to the TV, especially if it is cable TV. This means the remote is the dirtiest thing in your hotel room, because you have no idea where those hands came from and how many have accessed it before you.

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