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The Real Life Of An Air Steward

Being a flight stewardess is a noble job. You have to be compassionate and reliable as you serve the passengers. It is also a glamorous life since you will be traveling all over the world and stay in amazing hotels. But there is more to being a flight steward than what you normally see in the surface.Air-Hostess-6

Australian Owen Beddall, a retired flight steward reveals the real life up in the air, and some of them are just bizarre:

  • Dumb and ridiculous passengers. There are a lot of passengers who are unbelievably dumb. They ask for impossible things like hastening a delayed flight just to arrive on time while other ask for upgrades they know they can never get. A lot of people are also indecisive when it comes to what food they want, coming up with health conditions they don’t have in the first place, like being lactose intolerant. Celebrities are great, but they can get difficult at times too. The only reason you can get a picture with them is because they’re inclined to be public friendly. It doesn’t mean it’s 100% genuine.
  • Vodka and Valium. Bedall said, the best way to handle your jetlag is with Vodka and Valium. They always find a way to get their hands on Valium and Xanax whenever they land on places where flight intersects, like Singapore, LA and London. With Valium and Xanax in their pockets, they are like smuggling drugs.
  • Sexual Fantasies. People imagine blonde flight steward girls making love with the pilot and the wealthy businessmen, and a lot of times, these fantasies can be accurate. It’s the Pilot’s uniform that makes him attractive to the lady stewards. The pilots’ wedding ring is not valid when he is up in the air. People sneaking up in the toilets for a quickie can also happen, but not as usual as people imagine it to be because later they find out it’s tacky to have sex on a very, very tight place.
  • Job Hazards. It is not easy pushing 100kg carts while serving people. You can get hit, burnt by hot liquid and more. But you still need to keep the composure. One of the hazards include landing on countries that are at war or where bombing threats are rampant.

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