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The Scariest Kayaking Descents In The World

Descending over a waterfall in a kayak and staying in while you’ve gone over is the biggest challenge. It is a risky affair that is not meant for people with weak hearts. At some falls you may find yourself plunging 100 feet down. Look at these hair-raising waterfalls.

Palouse Falls in Washington

Palouse Falls Washington

This is the home of Tyler Bradt, the world’s current tallest kayaking plunge record holder. The falls are located in the heart of Palouse Falls State Park in Washington. It stands 186 feet high and is certainly not for the faint hearted but for skilled experts.

Big Banana Falls in Mexico

Big Banana Falls Mexico

This one stands 128.6 feet tall. The water will take you down in 3 seconds – quite scary.

Rainbow Falls in Hawaii

Rainbow Falls Hawaii

This waterfall is 120 feet high. This height was recorded in 2013 when Pedro Oliva plunged over it in February. The risky part of it is that the weather has the potential of changing how the rivers run in a very short period of time.

Ozone Falls in Tennessee

Ozone Falls Tennessee

This waterfall has only been run once because it lacks a standing pool at the bottom of the falls. The stream just extends underground at this point. It is just a miracle that when Pat Keller plunged over it earlier this year only his helmet cam was damaged, more so because the place has rocks.

Natural Bridge Falls in Montana

Natural Bridge Falls Montana

The Boulder River flows over a 100-foot precipice creating this falls. There is only one recorded plunge here. Its height is 105 feet.

Other scary water falls are the Puma Falls in Chile and the Alexandra Falls in Canada.

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