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The Weirdest Beaches in the World

In Cornwall’s Perran Sands and its neighboring beaches, you will see hundreds of LEGO pieces scattered all over the sands. This is because in 1997, there was a huge wave that hit a container ship filled with LEGO pieces.


If you think that’s weird, here are other beaches that just might blow your mind away because of their weirdness:

  • Punalu’u Beach in Hawaii. Its sands are jet black. This amazing phenomenon is because the sands are formed by lava that flows into the ocean.


  • Papakolea Beach, Hawaii. If you don’t like the all-black sand, you can head to this beach and witness green sands. The green is due to the mineral olivine, which is rich in this area of the Big Island of Hawaii. Norway, Galapagos, and Guam also have beaches with green sands.


  • Playa de Guliyuri of Llanes, Spain. This beach is a hundred meters away from the sea, but it is amazingly fully tidal because of the system of underground tunnels in the area.


  • Chandiour Beach in Odisha, India. The tide in this beach retreats as far as three miles back to the ocean.


  • Hot Water Beach in New Zealand. This is located in the Coromandel Peninsula. This is a place where you can dig and enjoy your own hot water pool, thanks to its subterranean hot springs.


  • Cow Beach in Goa, India. Peculiarly, this beach is filled with cows. You can bask under the sun alongside the cows in this place.


  • Traigh Mhor Beach, Scotland. Planes can land on this beach.


  • Maho Beach in St Maarten. You can witness huge airplanes quite close to the beach because the Princess Juliana International Airport is just meters away from this beach.


  • Loango National Park in Gabon. This place has gorillas, buffalos, elephants, wild pigs, and hippos bathing in the ocean because of the national park.



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