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The world’s most awesome Islands you must visit

If you are a tourist or just someone interested in seeing beautiful places in the world, then these islands must be on your next-visit list. You will witness breathtaking sceneries and some of the world’s beautiful geographical features.


Aogashima is a volcanic island that has been described as a “Jurassic Park-like natural fortress”. This is because it has crater walls that rise up as high as 400m from the sea. It has a smaller crater within that resulted from an eruption in the island. If you are looking for spectacular stargazing you can camp out within this crater.


Guernsey’s perspective from the sea is unique; from the sweeping sandy bays to the rugged cliff tops, it is very marvelous scenery. Its beautiful beaches are punctuated with cafes, restaurants and kiosks.

The island is also known for the Guernsey cows which are celebrated annually at the cow parade.

Tristan da Cunha

Tristan da Cunha is located in the South Atlantic Ocean. It is the most remote archipelago in the world. Tristan da Cunha is great for bird-watching with 15 species of breeding birds that include rockhopper penguins and albatrosses.


Murano is a village 1.5 km north of Venice. Since the thirteenth century, Murano has been famous for its world’s best glassmakers. The glassmakers were forced from Venice for fear of fires.

You can easily access Murano by taxi or waterbus from the main island of Venice. It has very beautiful beaches with resort hotels, secluded palm trees, etc. and surprisingly the beaches are made almost completely out of glass.

Over the years, the artisans have been throwing their extra pieces of glass or spoilt ones at the beach, these pieces have smoothened to look and feel like pebbles. This has made the beaches to look beautiful and shiny – you can’t afford to miss seeing this.

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