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The World’s Most Beautiful Trees

Prepare to be blown away. As Joyce Kilmer said in her poem, “I think I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree.”

Just how beautiful can a tree get?

Some of them may be shrubs and veins, but here are the world’s most beautiful tree:

  • 125-Year-Old Rhododendron. Canada’s Rhododendron Tree is considered as a shrub, so it’s technically not a tree.amazing-trees-7
  • 144-Year-Old Wisteria. There is an old, majestic wisteria that sits in a 1,990 square meters land in Japan.amazing-trees-1-2
  • Wind-Swept Trees. At the southern tip of New Zealand, you can see these Lord of the Rings-like trees growing at a weird angle.amazing-trees-18
  • Japanese Maple. There is an incredible Japanese Maple tree in Portland, Oregon with enchanting crooked branches and pink or orange leaves.amazing-trees-21
  • Antarctic Beech. In Oregon, there stands an Antarctic Beech, which is draped with hanging moss. This tree originates from Chile and Argentina.amazing-trees-23
  • Cherry Trees. When the Cherry Blossoms in Bonn, Germany bloom, it creates a beautiful tunnel of pink leaves through one of the streets.amazing-trees-2
  • Angel Oak. In John’s Island in South California, there is an angel oak that stands 66.5 feet tall and could possibly be 1,500 years old.amazing-trees-22
  • Flamboyant Tree. This flamboyant tree is a native of Madagascar, but it can also grow in other tropical places in the world.amazing-trees-15
  • Dragonblood Trees. This tree can be found in Yemen and it looks like an architect designed it. Its red sap is used as violin varnish or dye.amazing-trees-14
  • The President. This tree can be found in California’s Sequoia National Park and it stands 241 feet tall, making it the third tallest of its kind.amazing-trees-20
  • Maple Tree. In Oregon, there is a field of Maple trees that forms an amazing red tunnel.amazing-trees-4
  • Rainbow Eucalyptus. This tree is in Kauai, Hawaii with shedding barks that gives it multiple colours, where its name is based.amazing-trees-19-1
  • Jacarandas. A column of Jacarandas trees in Cullinan, South Africa creates a beautiful violet tunnel with its leaves.amazing-trees-9
  • Avenue of Oaks. Way back 1790 a long line of oaks were planted in the Dixie Plantation in South Carolina.amazing-trees-17
  • Baobab Trees. These Madagascar trees can store a huge amount of water in their trunks.amazing-trees-11
  • The Dark Hedges. These mysterious, but enchanting trees line up in a street in Netherlands and it looks like the road is leading you straight to Wonderland.amazing-trees-6-1

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