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Tips to get the most out of your summer photos

Summer provides the best opportunity to capture your memorable moments on camera. There are many ways of getting great summer photos. Here are some of them:

Fill the photos with light

Fill the photos with light

Some think that using flash while taking photos outside is a no-no. That is true only in certain circumstances. But in bright outdoor or when you position your object with strong light source behind them, you can turn your flash on. This will illuminate the foreground and expose the background as well.

Have good timing

Have good timing

The quality of a photo depends much on perfect timing. The time just after sunrise and before sunset will help you get perfect summer shots. Everything you shoot at these times will look golden and glistering. There are apps and online tools that can help you get these golden hours in your locality. There is the Golden Hour on iOS and Exsate Golden hour on Android.

Get yourself in some of the photos

Summer Holiday

Your summer holiday is a memory vacation for you and there is no better way to have sweet memories than seeing yourself in the photos. As a photographer, you may easily get stuck behind your camera directing and taking photos of other people. Make use of self-timers and tripods to help you achieve this.

Take only one lens
To make you creative take only one body and one lens. This will force you to think about composition and work with what you have to produce very wonderful portraits.

Use a reflector

Holiday Screen

To make the most of the light you have, consider using a reflector rather than carrying around several flash units. A reflector will suffice to bounce light onto your subject.

Do the editing

Holiday Summer Lake

After the vacation, get your photographic memories in order rather than letting them languish on a memory card. Editing and organizing your photos will make them look like they are telling a story.

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