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Top 10 Spanish Stereotype Myths

Foreign films, TV series, and other forms of media have created a stereotype to what Spanish people are.

Here are some of the most common stereotypes about the Spanish that are actually not true at all:

  1. All Spanish knows Flamenco. Flamenco is native only to the southern part of Spain and there are a lot of other native dances in the country like chotis, muiñeira, jota, and sardana.      10 1
  2. Bullfighting is an internationally loved tradition. Bullfighting is controversial in the country, with a lot of anti-bullfighting organizations in Spain. There are even regions in the country that banned the event like Catalonia and Canaries.10 2
  3. Spanish are lazy people. The Spanish invented siesta or the short nap in the afternoon. But not all of them sleep a lot. Only older people and little children sleep in the afternoon. The rest are busy working.        10 3
  4. All Spanish people eat paella. Paella is popular only in Valencia. There are different delicacies in every region in Spain.10 4
  5. All Spanish people drink sangria. They only drink it in the summer season. Only foreigners love to drink it. Spanish people would prefer wine or beer.10 5
  6. All Spanish people eat tacos. Tacos are from Mexico. Spain is not Mexico.10 6
  7. All Spanish people look like Antonio Banderas or Penelope Cruz. There are light-skinned, blue-eyed Spanish people too.10 6
  8. All Spanish people are very religious. There are a lot of churches in Spain, but only 13 percent attend mass everyday.  10 8
  9. Madrid and Barcelona are the only cities in Spain. Don’t forget Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza, and Malaga.    10 9
  10. Rafa Nadal is the only popular Spanish Athlete. Don’t forget Mireia Belmonte, Fernando Alonso, Marx Marquez, and the Gasol brothers.     10 10

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