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Top 10 world’s most visited countries

Paris has been known to be a leader in tourist numbers and now the new data released by the World Tourism Organisation confirms so. The data released on the most visited countries in 2013 puts France at the top.

France is famous for its cheeses and wines. Visitors also get attracted by its historic cities, beautiful countryside.
France offers conducive climate and some excellent beaches. There are also wide possibilities for winter sports. Other attractions include their rich culture including food.


Among its top attractions are: Dune of Pyla, Chartres Cathedral, Gorge du Verdon, Palace of Versailles, Chamonix, Chateau de Chambord, St Tropez, Palais des Papes, and Eiffel Tower among others.

First is France that received 84.7 million visitors in 2013


Second is United States that received 69.8 million visitors in 2013


Third is Spain that received 60.7 million visitors in 2013


Fourth is China that received 55.7 million visitors in 2013


Fifth is Italy that received 47.7 million visitors in 2013


Sixth is Turkey that received 37.8 million visitors in 2013


Seventh is Germany that received 31.5 million visitors in 2013


Eighth is United Kingdom that received 31.2 million visitors in 2013


Ninth is Russia that received 28.4 million visitors in 2013


Tenth is Thailand that received 26.5 million visitors in 2013


Don’t consider yourself a tourist before you visit these countries and sample what they have to offer.

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