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Top 5 Feuds Over Food Sovereignty

There are arguments on the most delicious food in the world. But there are feuds that go beyond the magazines and websites. Alliances have been broken and wars have been waged just to have the rightful claim on the origin of a particular food.

  1. Hummus Humdinger. Lebanon and Israel has been fighting over the origin of humus. But the truth is, this food originated in the 12th-century, way before Israel and Lebanon were established.1
  2. Potato. Chile and Peru has been feuding on which country does the popato came from. A professor from Chile’s Austal University claimed 280 potato varieties are from Chile, while Chile’s agriculture minister claimed 99 percent of the potatoes in the world could lead back to Chilean roots. Peru, however, does not agree and threatens to bring the matter to the United Nations.2
  3. Yee Sang/ Yusheng. In Singapore it’s yusheng, in Malaysia it’s yee sang. Malaysia declared it as their national dish in 2009. Needless to say, Singapore was not happy about it.3
  4. Pavlova spat. Whether it originated in Australia or New Zealand, one thing is for sure; it is named after Anna Pavlova, a Russian ballet dancer.4
  5. Feta Cheese. This feud has been going on for 20 years between Greece and other European countries. Greece wants it to be their national product with exclusive use of the feta brand.5

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