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Top 5 Italian Restaurant Chains

Do you like the Italian dishes? Zesty cheeses, bowls of pasta, hearty sauces, and the like. Italian food is ultimately good comfort food to sate your appetite and that’s why Italian restaurants are popular dining experience that you can’t afford to miss.


Market Force Information sought the opinion of 6,100 consumers in the United States and Canada on their favourite full-service Italian restaurant, and Maggiano’s Little Italy emerged as the best full-service Italian restaurant.

The ranking was based on atmosphere, food quality, value, friendly service, kid-friendliness, variety, and friendly service.


Surprisingly, all the chains surveyed bunched up together when it came to friendly service. Meaning there was little differentiation between the chains in that aspect.

The second was taken by Bloomin’ Brands’ Carraba’s Italian Grill, while the third place was taken by Ignite Restaurant Group’s Romano’s Macaroni Grill.


Carrabba’s tied with Maggiano’s Little Italy in food quality and also stood out in variety found in its menu. Romano’s faired well in all categories without standing out in any one category.

Olive Garden was placed fourth on the list followed by Side Mario’s at the fifth position.

Side Mario’s is a privately owned Canadian chain of over 100 restaurants. It excelled when it came to being kid-friendly and value, but performed poorly on food quality.


Even though Italian restaurants offer varieties that suit almost every class of patrons, the number of people visiting these joints for dinner in a thirty-day period has been declining in the past few years.

According to the market watchers at Statista the numbers went down to 39.3 million in the spring of 2013 from 48.3 million in the autumn of 2009.

Survey results on patron’s favorite chains show that it is only Maggiano’s that is recording gains; it turned 18 straight quarters of comps growth.

If you like Italian dishes, try out these chains and you will get the best treat of your lifetime.

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