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Top 5 Ultimate Tanzania Experience

Tanzania has plenty more to offer than climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. If you’re open for suggestions you would truly enjoy Tanzania more. This East African country has expansive volcano crater, stunning wildlife, and mysterious islands that would awaken a traveler’s curiosity. This is what sets Tanzania apart from its other favorite African destinations.Kilimanjaro

If you’re up to exploring Tanzania, here are 5 of it’s splendor:

1. Ngorongoro crater. This volcanic crater is referred to as “Africa’s Garden of Eden”. About 25,000 large animals take shelter in its conservation area, which is 3,200 square miles. The crater is its crowned jewel. It’s 12-mile wide and is the favorite path of wildebeest on the annual Great Migration. ngorongoro

2. Majestic lions. The pride of lions in the Ndutu and Serengeti areas are well-respected by the locals because of their fierce dominance against aggressive hunters. As fierce as they are, the lions live alongside their human neighbors. lions

3. Maasai culture. This is one of the last tribes on Earth. The tribe is made up of 100% protein diet people that’s why they are formidable opponents. Their lifestyle revolves on cattle herding.maasai

4. Shores of Zanzibar. If you want to experience divergence in one place, you better head out to Tanzania’s shores, specifically on the island of Zanzibar where you can find African, Arab, Indian, and European gastronomic influences. Get a load of the street food and the famous Zanzibar pizza. Shores of Zanzibar

5. Green Island. This paradise in Pemba Island is famous for its lush vegetation where one can enjoy the fragrance of cloves in the air. Mangoes, coconuts, and more are bountiful in this area.Spice Island

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