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Top 6 Vertigo-Inducing Tourist Spots

From sky-high observatory decks to very tall mountains, some of the world’s best vertigo-inducing attractions will either help you conquer your fear of heights or back out after vomiting.

  1. Caminito del rey. Located in Spain, this is considered as the world’s scariest pathways. It is set to reopen next winter. Here, you have to walk on narrow wooden roads built on steep tall cliffs.10 1
  2. The Glacier Skywalk. This glass-bottomed observatory platform in Jasper National Park opened May 1, this year. This gives you a spectacular view of Sunwapta Canyon in the Canadian Rockies.10 2
  3. Step into the void. At 3,842m above sea level, vertigo sufferers should prepare themselves if they want to venture here. But the rewards are incredible with views of the Mont Blanc Massif mountain ranges in the Chamonix Valley, France.10 3
  4. Willis Tower. Chicago’s Willis Tower Observatory Deck is 412.4m high on the 103rd floor of the building.10 4
  5. Macau Tower. 338m above the streets, you will be attached to a harness and lean as far as you dare on the ledge of Macau Tower’s highest levels. 10 5
  6. Grand Canyon Skywalk. A glass bridge with the shape of a horseshoe is perched 4,000ft above the majestic Colorado River. It feels like flying when you stand on the Skywalk.10 6

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