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Top Travel Events in July

You will not run out of places and events to go to in July. Whether in the homeland for the 4th of July, in the Middle East for the holy Ramadan, to witness a sports event, or simply just to get away, there is always a reason why you should travel in July.  

Here are the top reasons why you should indulge in your wanderlust on July:

  1. Independence Day. If you still can, head to the US for the 4th of July celebration. Listen to the Declaration of Independence in Boston and witness the fireworks in WashingtonDC.
  2. Ramadan. Head to the Middle East and witness the holy Ramadan where Muslims forgo food, water, and sex in the day for the entire month of July. You have to observe the sacred tradition even if you are not Muslim.
  3. London Imperial War museum reopening. On July 19, this historical war museum will reopen. There, you can witness galleries on the First World War.
  4. Tour de France. Go to Yorkshire’s Leeds Arena on July 3 and witness the opening of the biggest cycling event in the world.
  5. Salzburg. From July 18 to August 31, head off to Austria to experience the city’s biggest arts and music festival. The entire event will pay tribute to the renowned German composer Richard Strauss.
  6. Calgary Stampede. Head to Canada on July 4 to 13 and see the greatest outdoors show on Earth. Witness rodeos, chuckawagon racing, exhibitions and other festivities in this event.
  7. French Polynesia. It’s the summer! You should head off to a tropical paradise. Choose among Bora Bora, Moorea, Tahaa, Huahine, and Tahiti in the heavenly French Polynesia.
  8. Peashooting Championship. On July 12, head to Cambridgeshire to witness the amazing World Pea Shooting Championship.
  9. Getaway. July is vacation time, and the best reason to travel on this time of the month is simply to getaway.

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