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  • Smartphone Hacks for Travelling Abroad

    Travel Advice

    7 Genius Smartphone Hacks for Travelling Abroad

    The opportunity to travel to a foreign country always strikes mixed reactions. While one side, it’s an exciting adventure, and on the hand, are thoughts of how life will be in the foreign country. Will I get lost? How... Read More

  • New Zealand Dos and Don'ts

    Travel Advice

    Welcome to New Zealand: The Dos and Don’ts

    At the edge of the world, further than China, India, even Australia, stands proud the island nation of New Zealand. Comprised of Te-Ika-a-Maui and Te Wai Pounamu (North and South islands), this astonishing piece of land, surrounded by the... Read More

  • 7 Things To Avoid When Making Foreign Trips

    Travel Advice

    7 Things To Avoid When Making Foreign Trips

    Are you planning to make a trip to a foreign country in the coming days, weeks or months? If yes, there are certain things you should avoid depending on your travel destinations and reasons behind your trip. It’s worth... Read More

  • Best Tips From a Pro on Travel Photos

    Travel Advice

    How to Take Amazing Travel Photos: The Best Tips From a Pro

    We all remember the time when travel photos were taken, developed then dumped somewhere in the basement or attic. Eventually, they were disposed of in one way or another. These days, things have not changed much except the photos... Read More

  • Travel Tips

    Travel Advice

    Travel Tips – How to Not Offend the Locals

    A ticket, a place to stay, and travel allowance to your dream destination are not the only things you should be mindful of when you visit a foreign country. As a travel etiquette, you have the responsibility to be... Read More

  • America’s Best Architectural City – Chicago

    Travel Advice

    America’s Best Architectural City – Chicago

    Millions of tourists every year visit Chicago to see its magnificent parks, beaches and off course the city’s architecture. In 1916 famous poet Carl Sandburg said about Chicago as the “City of Big Shoulders”. With thriving industrial and commercial... Read More

  • Most Expensive Places To Travel In The World

    Travel Advice

    The 5 Most Expensive Places To Travel In The World

    If you are deep-pocketed and you feel like traversing the world, you can visit these places for a change of environment. Dubai Dubai has become synonymous with “extravagance” in the last few decades. It is one of the most... Read More

  • Cheapest Flights

    Travel Advice

    The Cheapest Flights In Every Continent For Budget Travelers

    There are thousands of airlines outside the U.S. that cater for families, multi-million dollar travelers and the budget travelers. This last group is our main concern here, especially those that cover short international flights. Consideration is also taken on... Read More

  • 10 Out-Of-This-World Hotels

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    10 Out-Of-This-World Hotels To Visit Before You Die

    When you travel, it is best to stay in a hotel that brings you to a home away from home. Some of these hotels may be too expensive for some, but here are the most amazing hotels you should... Read More

  • Secrets Hotel Management

    Travel Advice

    Secrets Hotel Management Wish You Never Know

    Staying in a hotel can be enjoyable. The room services, the toiletry, the pool, name them. There are certain things that can help you enjoy more and even reduce the cost for you. These are the things the hotel... Read More