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12 Tips to Avoid Getting Kicked Out of Theme Parks

Theme parks are filled with wonderful attractions and exciting rides, but did you know that these amusement parks are actually very strict? You can get kicked off from these places for unbelievably simple reasons.

Here are tips to avoid getting kicked out of these amusement parks:

  1. Yes, you need to drink plenty of water, but big, hard-sided coolers are not allowed in theme parks such as Universal, Disney and SeaWorld.
  2. If you dress in a character that looks almost the same as the original character, especially in Disney, you will be asked to leave the place.
  3. Theme parks do not welcome vandalism, especially because they spend a big amount of money for maintenance. So, leave your paint and markers at home.
  4. SeaWorld does not allow straws, cans and glass bottles in their theme park to protect the safety of the animals.
  5. Small snacks are allowed, but bringing a whole meal is another story. Don’t bring your own picnic in theme parks.
  6. Shirts with offensive remarks are not allowed inside theme parks.
  7. Obscene tattoos are also not allowed. If you have offensive ink on you, wear something to cover them up.
  8. Segways are banned in Buscj Gardens, Disney Parks, and SeaWorld to maintain safety. These two-wheeled vehicles are dangerous in the labyrinth like amusement parks.
  9. Waiting in a long line is normal in theme parks, but cutting in line is extremely prohibited.
  10. You can’t wear any emergency personnel clothing like a lifeguard or a cop.
  11. Theme parks are not day care. You can’t leave your children there and head off to the casino or your business meeting.
  12. No matter how cute and safe looking they are, don’t get too close to the animals and never try to feed them. Guide the children to avoid feeding the animals as well. This way, not only your safety will be ensured, the animal’s safety will be protected as well.

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