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7 Family Travelling Tips

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Last Updated: Jul 29, 2016

Travelling with Family is so different than to travel alone or as a couple. I have experienced both several times and the two are totally unrelated.

I have just returned from a 1 week trip with my family, exhausted like hell! Here in this article I am going to share about what I have learned about travelling with a family. Hope this helps other families. Below are some random things I have learned.

1.Pack Light:

If you have many destinations to cover that means you will have to carry your luggage everywhere you go to; so pack light as hell! Backpacks are comfortable and easy to stuff. Carry nothing more than a few clothes, toiletries and a book if you like to reading while travelling long miles. This should weigh a tiny amount and your luggage wont lug around everywhere goes to.

2. Take Apartments:

If you’re having huge family then avoid hotels as you would need more than one room. If you get an apartment it is advisable that you take it on rent as apartments are cheaper than to take a number of hotel rooms. An apartment usually comes with a kitchen, washer/dryer and a living room. It’s best to find apartments that are located centrally to a city so that access to the city and its best areas becomes easier for you and for your family. May be you can walk to the nearby places.

3. Walk Everywhere:

The best way to explore any place is to walk everywhere. You may take a car or a bus but if you can walk then nothing better than it! Bike is good if your travelling solo but if your with family then taking a car or a bus to far of places makes common sense. Carry a good pair of walking shoes. Its so much fun to walk and explore little things. Walking let’s see nature up closely, you may stop anywhere you wish to; observe the locals of the area and a many more exciting things can be done if you explore the region on foot.

4. Get Lost: The best way to explore a place is to put aside the map and get lost! It’s fun to take wrong turns and discover the most unexpected things. Wander, explore and be surprised!

5. If your travelling with kids then keeping them from being cranky can be quite a bit of a challenge. Kids are usually bored of historical sites and museums so always buy them gelato as that would keep them and you for that matter happy!! I always bought my kids gelato in the afternoons and that would perk them up and smiles suddenly appeared as from nowhere!

6. Learn the Language:

Practice the language of the country you are heading towards. It’s fun to learn a new language even if you don’t get fluent it’s still a great start if you learn a few words or phrases.

7. Avoid places you know will be thronged by tourists. Off course this doesn’t mean you will avoid seeing the historical sites like Colosseum in Rome or the Duomo in Florence. If you go to the highly touristic places then avoid going to the shops and the restaurants that surround them. Most of the shops around the touristic places sell expensive things but quality cannot be guaranteed. You must walk and explore the markets and compare the prices before you buy anything.

Hope the above tips come handy to you. If you are planning a family trip, be sure to acknowledge the fact that things wouldn’t be in your control; you will miss trains, loose things, find places your going to closed. Remember, life has its own ways so always accept things the way they are with smiles and see it all as a part of an adventure.

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