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7 Fun New York Activities For Family And Friends

There were 52.7 million tourists who visited New York in 2012. The Big Apple is a very big city with countless of establishments offering wonderful activities. It’s hard to pick the right place to tour in a city this big. But, if you know where to go, you will enjoy the best places of NYC where you can enjoy fun activities with your family and friends even for a short period of time.

  1. Central Park Zoo at the Fifth Avenue and 64th Street is a wonderful place for the children, both young and old.Central Park Zoo at the Fifth Avenue and 64th Street
  2. Experience the old fashion marionette plays at the Swedish Cottage’s Marionette Theatre with the whole family.Swedish Cottage’s Marionette Theatre
  3. Treat your kids with the best confectioneries NYC has to offer at Dylan’s Candy Bar in Midtown, just across Bloomingdale’s, located on the Third Avenue.Dylan’s Candy Bar in Midtown
  4. Climb the 10th-floor of lower Manhattan’s observatory to have a great view of the Statue of Liberty. You simply can’t leave NYC without seeing the majestic view of the city’s icon.10th-floor of lower Manhattan’s
  5. Learn at the American Museum of Natural History with your family and friends.American Museum of Natural History
  6. Enjoy a gastronomic treat at the 1950’s-themed eatery of Ellen’s Stardust Diner in Times Square.1950’s-themed eatery of Ellen’s Stardust Diner in Times Square
  7. You have to visit Toys “R” Us to make your children’s dream come true.Toys “R” Us

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