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9 Survival Tips For Girls During A Romantic Holiday

1.Pamper and Prepare : If your going on a beach holiday prepare your body for that bikini.Start a low carb diet about six months before your set to leave for the holiday.Do waxing and a pedicure for getting that beach-body.

2.Don’t Get Too Drunk: The drink may be cheap; you may even get free wine but remember your limits when ti comes to alcohol. Do not allow those sangria-goggles fool you.

3.Stay Beware Of The Strangers: Do not get swayed by compliments given from that unknown guy.If he tells you that you’re the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen, remember that this is the most time tested way to flirt. With an endless flow of tourist they must have used the same phrase on other women too.

4.Wear A Sunscreen : Always use sunscreen when hitting the beach. A sun burn can take months to fade and may even damage your skin completely. You may want to get tanned but you never know the dangers of exposing your skin to the harsh sun rays.

5.Don’t Play Too Hard: Its not a good idea to rush into a romance soon after you land at your destination. While maintaining this thought also remember that holidays are a sped up version of dating process so don’t bother to follow your usual dating rules, alter them slightly ,go with the flow and have fun.

6.Don’t be fooled by a fast mover: If the destination is beautiful and you have just the perfect time of your life doesn’t get swayed by the moment and think that fate has brought the two of you together. A lot of time it is never as it shows. Beware of foreign flings who immediately y propose you for marriage; they may be just eyeing you for advantageous match(passport)

7.Don’t take any risk: Remember your crush was a stranger until your holiday so always keep your friends updated about your whereabouts.

8.Don’t get too emotionally involved: You can have a good time with them but do not involve yourself too deeply with them, remember its only for a few days. Do not become emotional and expect the least from them. Chances are your love will vanish soon than your tan would so live in the moment and be prepared t let it go.

9.Go for a different ‘type’: If you have always like men with huge physique, when on a holiday prepare to go for someone who’s different than your usual type. As the old saying goes “When in Rome..’ How about a tall, dark and handsome… waiter?”

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