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America’s Best Architectural City – Chicago

Millions of tourists every year visit Chicago to see its magnificent parks, beaches and off course the city’s architecture. In 1916 famous poet Carl Sandburg said about Chicago as the “City of Big Shoulders”. With thriving industrial and commercial Ventures alongside classy museums, Chicago has become one of the world’s largest tourist attraction. John G. Shedd Aquarium is the most visited cultural attraction. Navy Pier, east of Streeterville is known for its restaurants, auditoriums, exhibition halls and museums. Woodfield Mall of Chicago is one of the finest shopping malls in the US. Don’t forget to visit the best restaurants of Chicago to enjoy the gourmet meals and cuisines.

Chicago is one of four US cities to have teams from the five American major professional team sports of soccer, basketball, hockey, football and baseball. The performing arts in Chicago include theatre, live music and orchestra. Tourists visit theatres to see the best performances of talented opera and belle artists. Chicago is the home of both union and non- union theatres. Most of the theaters in Chicago are located in the city’s Loop and on the North Side.

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