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America’s Under the Radar Tourist Attractions

The Empire State Building and the Hoover Dam are some of the most popular tourist destinations in America that serve as the identifying icon of the country.

However, there are other tourist destinations in the US that are somehow under the radar and only the locals know.

Just last week, President Barack Obama promoted one of these lesser-known tourist attractions as he visited the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in upstate New York. This is his attempt to increase global tourism by highlighting some of the most loved destinations in the country.

According to reports, there were 70 million international tourists that visited the United States of America last year. This number comprises only 13% of the travellers all over the world. This is smaller compared to the 17% that visited the country way back 2000.

There are plenty of other fascinating sights in America that are less popular, but are equally charming as the rest of the famous landmarks in the country.

Here are some of the lesser know beautiful tourist destinations in America:

  • The wild woodlands located in the Great Smoky Mountains are one of the world’s oldest mountain ranges. It stretches from Tennessee to the North Carolina border.
  • Not everyone in the world knows that Texas is actually home to the largest bat colony on Earth. You can go to the Lone Star State to witness 1.5 million bats fly over Austin in the night.
  • If you don’t want to go to the mainstream beaches in America where it is guaranteed to be filled with people during the summer, you can go to the hidden idyllic beach towns and experience its Victorian charm.
  • The mosaic masterpiece in Philadelphia offers visitors a unique artistic exploration. This is made up caves and tunnels that cover 50,000 sq ft of area. It is filled with an artistic display of glass tiles, toys and even poetry.
  • If you thirst for adventure, visit Kentucky and experience its rock climbing and cave trekking activities.

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