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How to Take Amazing Travel Photos: The Best Tips From a Pro

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Last Updated: Feb 24, 2016

We all remember the time when travel photos were taken, developed then dumped somewhere in the basement or attic. Eventually, they were disposed of in one way or another. These days, things have not changed much except the photos are now uploaded on social media or dumped in computers. People today have become better at taking travel photos but there is always room for improvement. You don’t need expensive equipment or hire a professional to take pictures of your trip. You just need to learn a few tricks and you will be able to take amazing travel photos with your point-and-shoot camera or even your smartphone. Here are the tips for taking amazing mementos the next time you travel.

Always Bring Extra Power And Memory Cards

This is the most important tip in taking amazing travel photos. Bring extra charged batteries with you every time you leave your hotel. You can also take a portable battery charger for your phone for extra assurance. There is nothing more disappointing than missing out on a once in a lifetime shot because of depleted batteries on your camera. Avoid ruining your trip by always bringing extra power before leaving your hotel. Also, always keep extra memory cards for your camera or phone. Then, when you get back to your hotel, download your photos and reformat the cards.

Start Early To Avoid The Crowd

Start Early To Avoid The Crowd
Even if you are not a morning person, it would be best to get up early and reach specific locations during your travel. This is especially the case when you’re planning to visit popular tourist destinations. If you’re not early, you will end up taking pictures of people and buses. Prior research will help you determine the best time for taking pictures and avoiding crowds.

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Do Not Rush

Most people shoot quickly just to get it over with, hoping for the best and later ending up trying to crop a decent image. You can get much better results by doing the exact opposite. Take your time when shooting and give a lot of thought on your subjects. Move around to get rid of distracting elements from your shot. Wait for the perfect timing to get the right shot. This is very important when you are taking pictures of moving subjects like animals.

Focus On People, Places And Things

Focus On People, Places And Things
The best travel photos are about people, places and things. For example, if you want to take an amazing photo of the Golden Gate Bridge, you can take a decent photo by taking it in the light. But if you include the people in your shot along with passing cars with the bridge as background, you can get a more interesting shot. Again, perfect timing is important so do not rush in taking your shot.

Get Closer

If there are obstructions then you can try a close up. Get closer to your subject to get more detail and interest in your shot. One way is to use the telephoto feature to zoom in on your subject. The other way is to simply walk closer to your subject. This may be uncomfortable for some people but the viewer of the photo will surely appreciate it. Zooming in with a lens can make things appear closer but the human eye can still sense distance when looking at a picture. You can appreciate a picture more when it has really been taken up close.

Look At The Bigger Picture

Look At The Bigger Picture
There is a big difference between amateurs and pros which is mostly due to practice. What you need to cultivate is the art of capturing the soul of a certain place through a photograph. This takes time for most people and this is the very reason you need a lot of practice.

Be Aware Of The Sun

The best way to flatter your subject when taking pictures is to put it in the best light possible. You can do this by turning the subjects’ faces so that the sun shines on them. For instance, if you want your photos on a cruise ship to be like those found on the brochures, take photos on the sunny side of the ship. Also, consider the time of day when you are taking pictures. The best times for taking compelling, interesting photos are usually during sunrise and sunset.



By following these tips on how to take amazing travel photos and practicing a lot, sooner or later you will be able to take photos just like a pro. Remember that it takes a lot of practice so you have to be patient and not expect to immediately take stunning shots. This is why you should constantly be practicing even when you’re not on a trip. You can go to the park on weekends or take a short drive to the countryside/city with your family where you can practice taking photos.

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