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Don’t Let Jet Lag Knock You Out

What is Jet Lag? Jet lag is the physical condition that arises due to difference in time zones. Common symptoms are fatigue, irregular bowel movements, disorientation and irritability. Travelers, Pilots and flight attendants are mainly affected by it.

In order to avoid experiencing jet lag you should start by treating yourself right. You should exercise, stay hydrated and sleep enough before you take that long-haul flight. Exercising before boarding helps one sleep better on a place. There are a few airports that offer free gym-time to passengers. Take steps wherever needed in the airport in order to make yourself tire which will in turn help you sleep better.

If your travelling from East coast to the West coast of the US there’s a time change of three hours; adjust yourself to the time change by staying up till late at night. For example if you sleep at 1am in the east coast and get up at 9am it will be you sleeping at 10pm and waking up at 6am in the west coast. So make your internal clock adjusted to the changed timings 2-3 days before you set to leave.

During the flight, perhaps the best thing you can do to avoid Jet Lag is to treat your body well. Stay hydrated and avoids coffee and tea on-board. Also you may want to walk and stretch a bit so do just that! Carry a neck pillow, eye mask; ear plugs to help you sleep better. Also wear loose fitting clothes that breathe.

Melatonin is the chemical released in our body that regulates sleep. Some travellers take melatonin pills to avoid jet lag while some go the natural way by taking a handful of dried berries which are a good source of melatonin.

If you know you’ll be experiencing Jet lag symptoms, change your diet. Eat anything that’s easily digested. Be sure to implement all the dietary changes in moderation.

Several smart phone apps have been developed that help you in facing it. It tells you when to eat and sleep. Just put in your flight details in the Jet lag app and there you are!


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