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How anybody can afford a round-the-world trip

AN around-the-world trip is always worth the money as it is unforgettable.

While you can expect it to be costly, like $90,000, there are tips that will cost the experience for only $10,000.

Here are simple tips to afford these round-the-world trips:

Plan your trip

Planning your trip is very important. You should be specific with the length of your trip, your schedules and your destinations. Base your choices on certain factors like entry visa requirements, immunisations, weather, flight options and affordability. The fares can be the most expensive factor in a round-the-world trip, so plan your transportation thoroughly.

Buying Tickets

Book refundable rooms and tickets so that your trip will be flexible allowing you to explore your destinations as much as you can. A 15 stop transportation fare can cost from $10,000 to as low as $2,000, if you only have a few stopovers. You do not necessarily have to buy tickets in advance, but there will be limitations if you don’t. Buying tickets on an airline alliance is advisable. There are websites and travel agencies that would help you set up that multi-stop flight itinerary and would help you travel farther for a less expensive rate. There are countries with low-cost in-country airline tickets that are accessible on short-term notice.

Travelling on shoestring

It is better and cheaper to travel longer on a round-the-world trip instead of travelling for just a couple of weeks. Travelling in different destinations in a short period of time requires you to move more, which makes you spend more. By staying in a certain destination for a longer period of time, you can enjoy the place better in a mellow pace. You can also work little jobs in those places to earn a little extra while you stay in those places. You can also choose to stay in the houses of your relatives or friends who live in those countries.

The Travel

Travel light, bring only what’s necessary. If you have a partner, be prepared for conflict. Budget wisely. Bring a credit card that does not charge international fee. When you return home, you will be surprised that your round-the-world travel experience would become a big advantage to your career or business.

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