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How To Be Prepared For A Lost Passport?

The first and foremost thing for any tourist on an international trip is to have his/her passport safe. But what if this ticket to home gets stolen? Do not panic, there are ways which can help you in such times of crisis.

Be Prepared:

1. Buy a hidden wallet in which you can keep your passport in or modify your clothing so that you can have your passport with you all the time.

2. Scan your passport and relevant visa pages and save them in your email.

3. Always have photocopies of your passport and visa in a separate bag.

4.Consider travel insurance. Always read the policies carefully, ensure if the policy also covers the occurrence of theft while on a trip.

While passport and visa documents are the prime entities while on travel, there are a few things more to take care of:

1. Ask your bank to give you a replacement debit card but do not activate it. Keep it away from your active debit card. In case your debit card gets misplaced or stolen you may just call up your bank and activate other card you have.

2. Some mobile carriers offer an extra sim which really helps in case of emergencies. Do not activate the sim. Cases of mobile theft are very common everywhere so in case your mobile gets stolen or you take a new phone, the second sim card will come handy!

Losing your passport on an international trip can ruin your trip. Hope the above tips help you.

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