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How To Book The Cheapest Flight?

Flights to European destinations have been a lot cheaper than ever and the frequency of flights has also multiplied in the past few decades. So when you plan a holiday to Europe you are sure to have a number of flight options before you, but finding the cheapest airlines can be tricky. Relying on websites which lists air fares is not always recommended as you never know when the site was updated with latest information; also such sites not always quote the exact fares.

So how to buy the cheapest airline ticket? Well apart from the age old traditional method of saving a few bucks by booking the ticket in advance, there are a few other means of getting the cheap air ticket. Check them below:

Ask for a refund – many of you wouldn’t be aware of the fact that when airfares go down and if you’ve already purchased the ticket (when the airfare was up) you can ask for refund. It is not always guaranteed that you would get the refund but certain airlines have the policy to return the difference. It surely doesn’t hurt to ask.

Ask for discounters: There are a few airlines which offer discounts but to find those sites is where the real trick lies. Some booking sites do list discounted airfares on certain airlines but they don’t list all of them. So to have the best rates you will have to go to the airline websites and find out the discounted fare offered if any.

Know when to buy: There are only a few airlines which launch air fare sales on Tuesdays so if you are to book tickets then hold on till Tuesday to save those extra bucks.

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