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The stylish claws of big fashion designers has transcended not only through time but also through different industries.

These days, the hotel industry has enlisted the help of some of the biggest fashion designers for their “creative” input in designing some of the world’s most luxurious hotel suites.

Vera Wang, Diane von Furstenberg, Karl Lagerfeld, and Tommy Hilfiger are just some of the many successful designers who have ventured on a new fashion venue, the hotel world.

It’s been said that fashion portfolios of these designers will not be complete if they don’t put their stamps on hotels or at least share their creative ideas on executive suites.

Some big fashion houses such as Versace, Bulgari, and Armani have already tried their hands on the hotel industry. They each have hotels named and designed after their collections.

According to the FBR Capital Markets vice president of equity research Nikhil Bhalla, hotels give designers a complete latitude to bring their way of thinking to everything from the drapery to the colors and textures.

In a way, hotels will serve as a showroom for the fashion brands.

The Armani line of hotels for example has rooms designed according to Armani Home. Moschino has ball gowns that plot the décor at Maison Moschino. Bulgari Hotel is not Bulgari without its signature silver.

Bulgari Hotels & Resorts executive vice president Silvio Ursini said hotels are great venues where designers can showcase the identity of a brand and project a lifestyle that is beyond the products.

These days, hotel brands are so eager to align themselves with fashion brands. Even when they can’t tap popular designers, they make sure they can conjure fashion-like experiences to draw customers in.  One hotel even has a Burberry trench coat program that loans the authentic brand’s coats to hotel guests.

According to Bhalla, the way this really affects consumers significantly is by giving them an experience that brings them so much closer to the brands they have patronized more than ever before. 

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