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What No One Tells You About Moving to Texas

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Last Updated: Dec 11, 2021

There are plenty of stereotypes about Texas and its residents, like Texans ride horses everywhere, only wear cowboy boots and listen to country music. You will see cowboy boots worn to bars, but most wear them for special occasions, not everyday footwear.

Farm and ranch life is still a big part of many small towns, although the sight of a cowboy riding a horse through the streets of any major city is very unlikely unless it’s a parade. But what’s true about moving to Texas that most people don’t know?

You Can Get Your Guns and Gas at the Same Time

Texas is a gun-proud state with many staunch supporters of the 2nd amendment. Data shows 12.8 guns on record for every 1,000 residents, but the actual numbers are likely to be much higher as there’s no law requiring firearms to be registered. Those figures come from only those who seek background checks.

When you’re in Texas, you can even pick up a gun and fill your gas tank at the same time. Texans like to buy everything all in one stop, so purchasing a Winchester and a six-pack while gassing up isn’t uncommon.

Be Prepared for Twisters

While many may debate over the dangers of guns, few would disagree when it comes to tornadoes. Thanks to Wizard of Oz, you might think Kansas would get more twisters than anywhere else, but it’s Texas that holds the record for the most tornadoes on average each year, with 155. Kansas has the second-most with 96, followed by Florida, which sees an average of 66 annually.

However, if you move into one of the houses for rent in Houston, TX, you’ll be less likely to experience a tornado with just five a year on average each year, most of which aren’t severe.

It’s a Treasure Hunter’s Dream

If you aren’t already into treasure hunting, you might be after a move to Texas. The state is said to have more buried treasure than any other, with nearly 230 sites at an estimated value of $340 million, most of which lies under the scenic Hill Country landscapes. It’s not just gold either – in 1925, a treasure hunter who’d been searching for 60 years discovered a 15 karat ruby arrowhead along with other gemstones.

Hugs Not Handshakes

While a very first meeting might call for a handshake, after that, it’s all about the hugs. So the next time you run into a neighbor, be ready for a tight embrace. It’s just part of Texan hospitality.

It Breaks Speed Records

While you might think it’s all about driving slow to show off those pickup trucks, Texas has the highest speed limit in the country at 85 mph on the 41-mile-long Texas State Highway 130 toll road that links San Antonio and Austin.

You’re Going to Need Gear For the Local High School Football Team

Going to high school football games is a big part of life in Texas which means you’ll need gear for your local high school team once you move there. And, don’t plan on doing anything else on Friday nights in the fall other than catching the game. All your neighbors will be there anyway, so hosting a BBQ or dinner party then means no one is likely to show up.

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