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Save While You Travel

When I travel I make it a point to cut cost wherever possible , if you’re planing a trip read the following points that I always follow while travelling. Travel cheap with the following money saving travel tips!

1. Travel At The Cheapest Time:

The price of tickets varies with time. On weekends the price sours high and on weekdays its considerably low. So before you plan a journey compare flight prices across a whole month or a year.

2. Travel In Low Season:

Avoid travelling during Christmas or New Year or any other festival which would mean having crowded destinations and high ticket prices. If you don’t have kids the best time to travel is when the summer holidays are over and kids are back at school.

3. Fly Indirect:

Travel in indirect flights that will cost you less. Taking direct flights to destinations would cost you a heavy sum and a lot can be saved by considering flights with stop-overs.

4. Pre Book Airport Parking:

If you need to park your car in the airport parking slot for the duration of your trip then be sure to book your parking much inadvance as parking on the day of departure would cost you a heavy pocket.

5. Don’t Buy Food On-Board:

Many airlines charge for food on-board so its better to carry your own snacks and save yourself a small fortune.

6. Use The Luggage Jacket:

If you are wary of paying for the extra baggage why not simply wear the extra items! Yes there’s a luggage jacket that’s easily available in the market. A good luggage jacket combined with a good luggage bag gives you enough room to carry your luggage on the plane without paying anything extra in the check in counters.


Save when your there:

1. Eat Like A Local:

Another interesting and delicious way to save money while you travel is to eat the street food that’s cheap and tasty. Having the local cuisines is after all a part of travelling. You get amazing noodles for only $1 in Vietnam and the French bistros are totally worth trying several times over.

2. Use Your Debit Card:

Using a credit card for withdrawing money in a foreign country can cost you more than what a debit card would. Plus most banks charge for every transaction so it’s best to withdraw a good amount in the first transaction itself.

3. Go Abroad and Get Paid Too!

You can have your whole trip funded or even return home with some savings and that’s possible if you work while you travel. There are many small jobs like grape picking or English teaching that are very common abroad. There are many options that will help you earn enough cash for your trip.


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