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Some Tested Ways To Tackle The Most Annoying Plane Passengers

We encounter all sorts of people on the plane. The screaming child, the terrible tot who keeps kicking your seat the whole way, the frequent toilet hitters, the bloke having bad breath and the list of annoyers is endless. But there are ways to beat such blues on the plane.

1. The Chatterbox:
The problem with chatterbox people is that you get tired. You want to sleep but you cant as your neighbor wants to chat. Sometimes your neighbor wants to share all of his/her personal life without having the social awareness that you just don’t care!

The solution for such a problem is to bring along noise cancelling headphones. This will emphasize your intention. You may just wear them which is a polite way to signal your ‘new friend’ that you want some alone time.

2. The Screaming Child:
How many times have you wished to have no small babies around you while travelling and how many times has it been true?
The solution to such a problem is to understand that its not the fault of the child. That’s the only cure. You can’t really do anything. Carry sleeping pills if necessary!

3. The Garlic Eater: If you’re intolerant to the smell of garlic and as luck would have it, you have a neighbor who eats it and develops a bad breathe.

The solution is plain and simple; offer them a mint or a polo!

4. The Smartphone Addict:
We all must have travelled in some point of our lives with passengers who cannot leave their phones unused despite the repeated warnings of the pilot. They leave their device on and as soon as the plane is set to land they get impatient to make phone calls or receive them or do whatever which eventually can risk the lives of others and bring the plane down.

The solution to such a problem is that as soon as such a neighbor who is a smart phone addict goes to the loo, slip away their sim card from their phone and wait for the amusement! But most likely such addicts would take their phones to the toilets too!

Hope the above tips come to good use!

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