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The Cheapest Flights In Every Continent For Budget Travelers

There are thousands of airlines outside the U.S. that cater for families, multi-million dollar travelers and the budget travelers. This last group is our main concern here, especially those that cover short international flights. Consideration is also taken on peak seasons when airfares tend to soar.

If you want to travel cheaply, consider the following flights in the continent where you are:

The Africa and the Middle East region

There is the FastJet in Tanzania. This airline is being overseen by European budget airline Easyjet. Fastjet also operates throughout South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. In the next one year or so, the airline will be launched in Kenya, Ghana and Angola. Flights from Dar es Salaam to Kilimanjaro start at $85 round trip.


In the Middle East there are carriers such as Flydubai and Air Arabia that cater for budget travelers in North African nations such as Egypt. Other low-cost providers include Fly540, Jazeera Airways, Flyna, UP and Nouvelair.

Asia and South Pacific region

Here you will fight low-cost airlines such as Air Asia which offers flights to 85 destinations around Asia, Australia and South Pacific.


There is also the IndiGo airline that navigates South Pacific, Middle East and India. Others include Jetstar, Tiger Airways, Scoot, Jeju Air, PAL Airline, Nok Air, Lion Airlines and Spring Airlines.


RyanAir offers cheap flights throughout Europe though at the cost of comfort. For those who want to fly across continents, Norwegian Airlines fits the bill.


Other airlines you can consider in this region are Wizz Air, SmartWings, Aer Lingus, XL Airways, Fly Romania, Vueling, Dobrolet Airlines, Pegasus Airlines and Blue Air.

The Americas

The American cheap-flight scene is dominated by WestJet which has 80 destinations through U.S., Canada and Europe.


In this region you can also consider Gol, Amaszonas, AeroSantaigo, Interjet, Peruvian Airlines, EasyFly, Volaris and VivaColombia.

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